5 steps for getting your faulty goods claim

1Most of us enjoy shopping. But every day you may not have a good experience shopping. You may have a bad day, and you bring home faulty goods. It such case you should claim for compensation. Here are the steps you should follow.

Learn about your rights

It is essential that the goods match the description the seller has given. The goods must be in good condition. There shouldn’t be any defects. When buying the good if you saw the fault in the good or if the seller has made you aware of it then you cannot ask for a claim. But if you bought the goods online and saw that it doesn’t match the specifications, then you are entitled to claim.

Claim refund

You can claim a full refund, but in such case, you need to act fast. If you keep the goods for some time, then you may not get a full refund of the product.

Ask for replacement or repair

Goods will last for a specified amount of time. If you bought the product less than six months ago and the products normally last for six months, then the trader must prove that the fault was not present at the time of purchase.

Claim compensation

Sometimes the good you bought may damage your property or cause injury. In such case, you should claim for compensation. You should visit an expert to solve your case.

Check warranty

If the product you bought has a warranty, then you can return the product and get a replacement. See the period of warranty and make your claim on time.

So, the type of claim depends on the product and the damage caused. For major problems, you should hire a professional to solve your case.