We provide a fully integrated solution for our clients. We understand that no two clients are same and so we try to provide a customized solution for our clients. We provide the following services.

Commercial Claims

We can handle any commercial claim. We provide you with a tailored property claims solution. We cover a wide range of industries. We have the technical competence to manage these claims.

Liability Claims

We provide liability adjusting service. We have the highest levels of corporate governance and protocols to meet our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We have knowledge about all types of liability claims across various business sections.

Residential Real Estate Claims

We have over 40 years experience working in the residential real estate claims sector. Our team is extremely thorough and understands the technical service needs of most claims providers. We provide a complete open to close solution dealing directly with you the home owner and the warranty providers directly. We can mitigate almost all claims through your default home insurance agent or home warranty company. We work closely with most of the top home warranty companies including many listed here.